Collapsible Shower Dam Overview

Collapsible Shower Dam Overview

Flexible and collapsible shower dams are used to retain water and deflect when rolled over or stepped on.

The installation of these optional features must be carefully considered. Before purchasing one should take into consideration who will be using the shower and how often.

Collapsible shower dams are accessories for curbless showers that are having an issue keeping water in the shower.  They're made of rubber or other synthetic materials that allow the dam to deflect when rolled over by a person in a wheelchair.  Being a flexible product they will, over time, deteriorate, lose there flexibility and will need to be replaced.

It is important to note that some people using wheelchairs may have difficulty rolling over this low and flexible dam and other people will not be able to step over or maneuver walkers around it.  While choosing any home modification product always keep the user and their abilities in mind.

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Semi Permanent Shower Threshold

Semi Permanent Shower Dams.

Another option for curbless showers are semi-permanent removable shower dams, which can be left in place until a curbless shower entry is needed. These semi-permanent removable dams are higher and can be installed to retain water like a permanent integral curb. These are usually set in place and caulked with a silicon sealant and later “knocked” out when a smooth transition is needed. These removable dams look very permanent, therefore making it important that the resident and facility manager be informed that the dam is removable.
In residences or facilities where a person’s needs change over time or the user of a particular shower changes periodically, temporary dams may be an appropriate solution. Flexible and removable dams also can be helpful in retrofit situations where floor space for the shower is limited, but they should always be considered backup solutions and not the primary method of water control.



Flexible water retainers and semi-permanent dams are not allowable when strict compliance with the NC Accessibility Code is required. Such showers should be installed in full compliance with the flush or no threshold entry. However, if a potential tenant does not need the curbless entry, the optional dam may be installed provided both the tenant and the manager of the property know it can be removed when requested to provide a complying flush or no threshold entry.

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