Stairlift Basics | Types, Safety Features, and Operation

Stairlift Basics | Types, Safety Features, and Operation

Stairlift Basics | Types, Safety Features, & Operation

Stairlifts are manufactured for indoor and outdoor use for both straight run stairways and stairways with turns or curves.  

Stairlifts help people maintain full home access. They come with easy to use paddle controls.  Many stairlifts also offer digital status display systems that help keep the owner informed of the stairlift's operational status. 

Other standard features include: padded swivel seats, a safety belt, a maintenance-free DC power pack, lockable isolation switches, fold-up seat, and footrest, 5 safety sensors, infrared remote controls, electronic and mechanical braking systems.

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is a motorized lift that carries a person up and down the stairs. A moving chair rides up and down on a narrow track attached directly to the steps.

How does the stair lift attach?  

A Stairway Lift attaches to your stairs – not the wall. Therefore, they require no modifications to the structure of the home for installation.

How much room is required to install a stairway lift?  

The track on a stairlift takes up less than 10” of your staircase. When folded up, most units use less than 14” space. If your staircase is less than 36” wide, it is recommended you sit the user in a chair that is up against a wall, and measure the distance from the wall to the user's knees. Once this information is forwarded to EZ Able, we can assist you with determining if you have enough room to use your lift properly.

What is the weight capacity?  

Stairlifts have different lifting capacities from 300 lbs. up to 500 lbs. They are designed for use by one person at a time.

Is it safe?

Several features are designed into the Stairlift to assure the safety of both the user and others within the home.

  • The footrest has safety sensors to stop the lift in either direction should it strike anything on the stairs. 
  • A swivel safety switch makes sure the seat is in the proper position before allowing the unit to run, and a seat belt is standard.
  • Safety sensors on the stairlift carriage ensure that the lift stops if there are any kind of obstructions on the stairs.
  • The constant pressure controls are designed to stop the lift the second the controls are released. 

What are the different types of Stairlifts?

  • Straight Rail: A straight rail lift is ideal for steps or traditionally straight staircases. Our skilled technicians may combine two sets for easy and safe passage up the stairs for years to come.
  • Curved Rail: Allow us to custom build a lift for your elegantly curved stairway. Curved staircases or several straight staircases connected by landings usually require a curved rail stair lift installation.
  • Outdoor: Worried about your loved one slipping on slick outdoor steps? Outdoor lifts are ideal for safely getting users up raised landings, straight or curved stairways, porches, and decks outside the home.
  • Incline Platform Lift for Stairs: Take the stairs without leaving your wheelchair! Incline lifts conveniently allow users to roll onto a platform and travel up or down the stairway's natural incline at the push of a button.
  • Porch Lifts: Also called a vertical platform lift, porch lifts allow users to safely reach their decks or porches. Porch lifts carry users directly above or below and are often recommended as space-saving accessibility solutions.

What kind of stairlift do I need? 

Stairlifts are ideal for those who may be able to stand but face difficulty making the climb. Whether your staircase is straight, curved, indoor, or outdoor, our team will help you find the appropriate lift solution for your or a loved one’s lifestyle while meeting any necessary property requirements.  

How much does a Stairlift Cost?

A professionally installed stairlift can cost about $3,300 to $6,000—which is about the average monthly cost of assisted living.  The cost may vary depending on the brand and specific features needed. For example, some custom curve rail configurations can cost over $14,000.

If you need help paying for your stairlift, there may be grants and/or special financing available.  A good place to start your financial assistance search is the Veteran's Administration (for veterans) or your local Commission on Aging organization.

Why Choose EZ Able®?

From your first call to evaluation, installation, and warrantied product maintenance, EZ Able® is with you every step of the way. During your free evaluation, a factory-certified technician will talk to you about your specific needs, assess your stairway, and take detailed measurements. You will receive a written cost estimate along with information on what to expect during the installation. EZ Able® is available any time you have questions and concerns.  1-year of FREE service is included with every new purchase.   

Schedule your FREE Home Assessment.  Why wait?  Call 877.392.2531 to get started today! Or Click HERE

Another Option - Vertical Platform Lifts

Another often overlooked accessibility option is a Vertical Platform lift. Vertical Platform Lifts are similar to elevators, only much more affordable, and travel straight up and down. Vertical Platform Lifts make it possible for scooter and wheelchair users to get in/out or to service multiple story homes. Many people use Vertical Platform Lifts in their garages or to access porches. For that reason, Vertical Platform Lifts are also often called Porch Lifts. The maximum travel for Vertical Platform Lifts is 14 feet.


EZ Able® is committed to providing products that enhance the safety its clients.  We only sell and install stairlifts that have met Michigan's stringent safety requirements.  Work with a BBB A+ rated business, like EZ Able®, to be sure that you have the proper, safe, and legal lift for your home or facility.  

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