Stairlifts Michigan | Finding the Right Stairlift

Stairlifts Michigan | Finding the Right Stairlift

Stairlifts Michigan | Finding the Right Stairlift

1) The State of Michigan has specific laws regarding stair lifts for both residential and commercial installations.

  • Stair lifts installed in Michigan MUST be an approved stair lift. There is a limited number of stairlifts that have been approved for installation in Michigan. Michigan only approves stair lifts that meet Michigan's tough safety standards.
  • Stair lifts installed in Michigan MUST be installed by either a Manufacturer Trained and Certified Technician or an Elevator Journeyman/Contractor.

2) How do you know if your stair lift meets Michigan's safety requirements?

  • Only purchase from a reputable APPROVED Vendor of the Brand that you are buying.  This dealer should also operate in Michigan.  Different states have different rules.
  • All Michigan approved stairlifts go through a complete safety check to make sure that they meet Michigan's high safety standards.  Stairlifts are NOT all manufactured to the same standard.  Make sure that your lift is approved in Michigan BEFORE you buy.

3) You found a great deal online.  Should I buy there?  The answer is - it depends.

Does the online retailer offer installation in your area?

1. If the answer is yes, then you should pay extra and have the retailer's trained and certified technician install your lift.  Most manufacturers actually REQUIRE that your lift is installed by a trained professional.  Ask lots of questions if the online retailer is willing to sell directly to you.

2. If the answer is no, then you are risking your warranty by having a non-certified technician install your stair lift.  More importantly you are risking your safety too.

NOTE: Most manufacturers of quality built stair lifts have rules that forbid dealers from selling stairlifts direct to the public for self-installation.  You should consider it a " RED FLAG" if you find any dealer that will sell a stair lift for self installation.

4) Buying Online?  Who will service your lift if you have problems?

  • Did you know that having an uncertified technician work on your stair lift may void it's warranty?
  • Did you know that having an uncertified technician install your lift may void it's warranty?

5) Buying Used? How do you know if you are buying a stair lift that will work in your home?

  • Many Stair Lifts are specific to the left or right side of the stairs.  These lifts can't be moved from one side of the stairs to another.  Does the lift that you are considering match your home?
  • Is the stairway where the lift is currently installed, shorter than your stairway?  Many manufacturers don't allow their dealers to sell ANY part direct to the public.  Replacement parts are always dramatically more expensive than the original parts that came with the unit.
  • Have you seen the stair lift in operation or is it sitting in storage?  How do you know that the lift works?
  • How old is the lift?  Manufacturers aren't required to keep parts available longer than 7 years after the model run.  The parts that you need to install the lift may no longer be available.
  • Stair Lifts have a variety of weight capacities.  Will the Stair Lift you are considering carry you safely?
  • Before you buy a used Stair Lift ALWAYS add up the costs which include:
    • Research Time will be required to learn about the Stair Lift you are considering and make sure that it is the right model for you and your home
    • Shipping Cost
    • Labor to Remove and Re-Install
    • Parts
    • ONCE you add up all of the real costs of buying used, you'll likely find that you can purchase a new lift with a great warranty for around the same price, or sometimes even LESS than the total cost of a used lift.

6) Work with professionals like EZ Able®.  We offer installation through-out the lower Peninsula of Michigan.  EZ Able® also includes 1-year of service with every EZ Able® stair lift purchase.  EZ Able® is an A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Business.

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